Affiliate Marketing - Increased visibility through networking

Afiliate Mobil

We support you in gaining new customers and thus increasing the revenue of your company. Affiliate marketing is a sales system based on cooperation with other businesses and websites, which is considered to be low-risk. This is due to the fact that a payment is only made if a conversion has actually taken place.

We at projx understand affiliate marketing as a form of cooperative marketing and not as a channel to distribute coupons on the internet. Therefore, the selection of a good partner network forms the basis for successful affiliate marketing with which we guarantee to reach your desired target groups.

Custom strategy development

Affiliate marketing is a very broad and multifaceted field, which is why it also requires many years of expertise to offer you customized strategy solutions with this instrument. With projx you have a partner with sufficient expertise and the necessary know-how at your side.

Target group orientation

We increase your digital visibility with an affiliate strategy tailored to your company. Your target group is always in the center of our attention, as we can efficiently and individually target potential customers and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Affiliate network vs. Individual affiliate program

The Advantage of affiliate networks is that both the billing and the tracking are taken over by the network, for which in turn a commission is due. With your own affiliate program you have to invest more time and work into tracking and billing, but no commissions have to be paid.

Free advertising space

By publishing affiliate links with distribution partners, (also called publishers or affiliates) you can increase your visibility on the internet easily and without much effort. The most popular forms are banners, HTML text links or images.

Personal and transparent consulting

Your success is our goal. That's why we work closely with you to develop an individual strategy that will ensure a sustainable long term success.