Amazon is the Google for products. Therefore, search engine marketing is not only relevant for Google but increasingly also for websites like Amazon. So if you sell products on Amazon and want to market them well, you can't get around an SEO and SEA strategy. Similar to Google, Amazon also uses an algorithm that decides which results are displayed first for a search query. According to that, if you want your products to appear at the top of the ranking you need a clear marketing strategy.

Amazon SEO

The goal of an SEO strategy on Amazon is to get your product listed as high as possible - i.e. in the first positions - in the ranking. Whoever leads the ranking gets the most clicks and thus the most sales. The algorithm developed by Amazon decides on the basis of various factors which product will ultimately be displayed to the user based on his search query.

Amazon ranking factors

With our know-how we help you to optimize on and off page factors such as title, bullet points, product description & Co. with the right keywords and unique content to increase your sales sustainably.


With Amazon advertising you have the opportunity to significantly increase your visibility and therefore also your sales. Amazon SEA is based in the same principle as Google Ads, where bids on click prices and the evaluation of ad relevance are the main factors. Whether sponsored brand, sponsored product or sponsored display - we are there to support you with our expertise in the selection as well as the construction and optimization of various advertising options.

Amazon strategy consulting

Benefit from our expertise and best practices. We are at your side to provide you with comprehensive advice regarding Amazon Marketing. Together with you, we analyze your starting position and set your goals, on the basis of which we then develop an individualized strategy.

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Amazon Strategie und Rollout