YouTube is one of the most widely used social platforms in the internet, with almost one third of the world's active Internet users. This leads to about one billion hours of video playback time on YouTube every day. You can take advantage of this enormous volume and, with the right use of the platform, prevail over your competitors. We help you to do this and try to integrate youtube into your marketing mix through strategic consideration.


Youtube SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It seems only logical that also on YouTube the web presence can be optimized for which YouTube SEO is used. With the help of YouTube SEO you can make videos, playlists and channels more visible on the platform. This includes the correct designation of the video title, the optimization of the thumbnail and the user optimized video description to enhance the click rate.

Youtube Ads

You want to reach exactly your target group with popular content? YouTube ads allow you to do just that by delivering your advertising message directly to the POI of your target audience. Here the targeting possibilities are almost endless to reach your potential customers. We at projx are happy to assist you in selecting your target audience and support you in targeting your YouTube ads.

More reach and visibility with advertising on YouTube

About a third of the world's Internet users are also active on YouTube. On the video portal, users provide their own content, find out about various topics, research cooking recipes or simply relax with some entertainment. The reasons for using the site are varied and wide-ranging. The potential for your company in this context is equally large.

The digital marketing specialists at the projx agency in Munich will work with you to develop a strategy to increase your visibility and reach and precisely target your audience on the popular platform. Discover our offers for digital marketing on YouTube now and secure your personal consultation today!

Definition: Digital marketing and placing ads on YouTube

Placing ads on YouTube refers to the targeted placement of ads in the form of videos, banners or text ads on the platform. Through precise targeting according to demographic characteristics, interests and behaviors, we can play out your messages to the desired target groups with pinpoint accuracy. This enables you to address potential customers precisely and effectively at low cost.

Efficient online marketing on the popular video portal

With so-called YouTube ads - i.e. advertising clips or ads on YouTube - you can increase awareness of your brand and the products and services you offer. Our specialists for digital marketing on YouTube develop a strategy together with you according to your specifications and ideas in order to precisely address and reach your target group on the platform. In this way, we increase the visibility and reach of your company at moderate costs.

It's the mix that counts: Own YouTube advertising as part of a multichannel strategy

We recommend a multichannel strategy for your digital marketing. With such a procedure, in which different marketing channels are played in parallel and coordinated with each other, you can reach a broader target group and strengthen your brand presence. As part of such a strategy, marketing measures on YouTube are combined with ads in social media (so-called paid social) and search engine advertising (SEA), e-mail marketing campaigns or strong and target group-optimized content creation, among others. This allows users to be reached across different channels in different places with a coherent message and increased visibility.

An effective multichannel strategy requires careful planning to ensure that content and messages are tailored to the different channels and provide a consistent brand experience. Feel free to contact us - our experts will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop an adequate strategy.

Preparation and creation of ads and advertising material for YouTube

Based on your corporate design, our experienced creators and digital artists create the right advertising materials for your digital marketing campaign on YouTube. Whether short clip or ad: We ensure an expressive appearance that remains in the memory of YouTube visitors and highlights your USPs.

In addition, we also develop suitable banners for your campaign, for example the so-called companion banners. These are graphic ads that are designed and placed to complement the video. Such companion banners go hand in hand with the video and skillfully emphasize its message. The banners enhance the user's visual experience and invite them to interact, for example, via an appealing call-to-action.

We are also happy to prepare your existing clips and ads for use on YouTube: From adjusting the playing time to fine-tuning the audio quality: We optimize your advertising media for the perfect YouTube appearance of your company!

Get more views of your video with YouTube SEO

Targeting ads, however, is not the only way to achieve higher visibility and reach on YouTube. Because measured by search queries, YouTube is not "just" a video platform, but also the second largest search engine in the world after the all-superior Google! Every day, billions of search queries are made by users on the video portal.

With the help of YouTube SEO, you can increase the ranking and visibility of your videos on the portal. For example, targeted video titles, user-optimized video descriptions as well as expressive and appealing thumbnails help. Our YouTube SEO specialists use their expertise to help you increase the click-through rate.

Everything from a single source with the YouTube experts from the projx agency in Munich

The team of the agency projx from Munich is your competent contact for all questions concerning digital marketing on the popular video platform. Whether it's about placing ads in front of videos or designing and placing appealing advertising banners on the portal, we develop the right strategy in consultation with you and implement the campaign, monitor it and make adjustments for optimization if necessary. Similarly, we also support you in the area of YouTube SEO, so that your content can be found quickly and easily by users.

Seminars on the topic and useful tools

You would prefer to take over the marketing for your company on YouTube yourself, but you lack the necessary know-how or you would like to have a more in-depth training for your team? No problem: As part of our Academy offer, our specialists are happy to pass on their experience and expertise to your company and train your employees directly on current and upcoming cases. In the course of these trainings, we also introduce you to various tools that support you in your daily work.

By the way: At projx, you will not only find seminars, training courses and workshops on the topic of YouTube marketing. Our experienced specialists share their in-depth expertise in courses and training sessions on many aspects of digital marketing - just take a look around.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about advertising on YouTube

What factors affect the cost of YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertising costs depend on various factors, including the ad format chosen, the target audience, the geographic reach and the competitive situation in the industry. In addition, billing can be based on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions), for example.

How can companies use YouTube advertising?

Companies can place ads on YouTube to target users. This can be done through ads before, during or after videos. In addition, banners and overlay ads can be placed.

How can you ensure that YouTube ads reach the desired audience?

To reach the desired target group on YouTube, the platform offers precise targeting based on factors such as demographics, interests, behavior, and search terms. This allows ads to be targeted and reach the right users.
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