YouTube is one of the most widely used social platforms in the internet, with almost one third of the world's active Internet users. This leads to about one billion hours of video playback time on YouTube every day. You can take advantage of this enormous volume and, with the right use of the platform, prevail over your competitors. We help you to do this and try to integrate youtube into your marketing mix through strategic consideration.

Youtube SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It seems only logical that also on YouTube the web presence can be optimized for which YouTube SEO is used. With the help of YouTube SEO you can make videos, playlists and channels more visible on the platform. This includes the correct designation of the video title, the optimization of the thumbnail and the user optimized video description to enhance the click rate.

Youtube Ads

You want to reach exactly your target group with popular content? YouTube ads allow you to do just that by delivering your advertising message directly to the POI of your target audience. Here the targeting possibilities are almost endless to reach your potential customers. We at projx are happy to assist you in selecting your target audience and support you in targeting your YouTube ads.

Amazon Advertising

With Amazon advertising you have the opportunity to significantly increase your visibility and therefore also your sales. Amazon SEA is based in the same principle as Google Ads, where bids on click prices and the evaluation of ad relevance are the main factors. Whether sponsored brand, sponsored product or sponsored display - we are there to support you with our expertise in the selection as well as the construction and optimization of various advertising options.

Amazon Strategie

Benefit from our expertise and best practices. We advise you comprehensively on the topic of Amazon Marketing and develop a suitable strategy together with your prerequisites and goals.