We train employees and groups on selected digital marketing topics.

With our experts unerringly to success

In contrast to other training offers, projx academy works with the employees immediately on their own company account. This way we ensure that the training pays off right from the first lesson. 
As much practice as possible, as much theory as necessary.
Are there currently no suitable employees who can be trained in your company? We support you in the search, selection and interviewing of suitable candidates.


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We train employees hands-on and targeted on the customer account. In this way, competencies and processes are created step by step that are useful in the company and also remain in the company. Know-How in the company helps build in-house resources as well as effective and informed agency management.

What we offer

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In our workshops, we go through the prerequisites and goals of your company and define the next steps. The result is an optimal orientation and overview of the status quo, goals and possibilities to achieve them.

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We know what matters in daily business. We talk to your potential employees and create a precise profile that allows you to better assess their skills. In this way, you decide on the candidate with the right know-how.

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Set annual targets

We help with smart goal setting for the annual review by discussing development and business goals with both HR and employees. With our experience from daily business, we find the middle ground between realistic and challenging.

Where we can help you

Further training in online marketing for your team with the projx-Academy training courses

With the projx Academy training courses, we make your company fit for the challenges of online marketing. Our experts provide practical training for your employees on the various topics of digital marketing - from content creation and SEO to SEA and tracking. Just contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

The Academy from projx in Munich for the whole of Germany

As a successful and established agency for online marketing from Munich, our projx Academy training offers are aimed at anyone who wants to achieve a strong performance in the various areas of digital marketing.

In our seminars and workshops, for example, we provide you with extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies as well as in-depth insights into the areas of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). In the same way, we explain how to plan and implement a targeted marketing campaign in the various social networks (so-called "paid social") and teach you sound skills in creating search engine optimized content. These are just a few examples of the training and courses we offer as part of the projx Academy. Feel free to have a look around and contact us if you have any questions!

The importance of training and education in digital marketing

The world of digital marketing is subject to constant change. In some cases, the changes are taking place at breakneck speed. But with our training courses and workshops on all matters relating to digital marketing, you and your team will stay up to date

Our continuing education offerings move your business forward by helping your team understand current trends, develop new skills, and plan and implement effective marketing strategies. With the ever-changing online landscape, ongoing training is critical to staying competitive and on top of online marketing best practices.

Training and courses

Within the framework of our Academy, we at projx attach great importance to practical training, so that your team can apply what they have learned quickly, efficiently and confidently. Of course, we also introduce you to a wide range of tools and aids and explain how to use them - all individually tailored to your case!
In the end, you will not only know the various tools and approaches in theory, but you will also know exactly how they can support you in practice to achieve your goals in generating leads and increasing sales.

We have compiled an exemplary overview of our various training offers with more detailed information for you below. Simply contact us so that we can also make your team fit for digital marketing with a training tailored to your case!

Content Creation and Copywriting Training

In our content training courses, our experts teach you essential skills for creating informative and creative text content that not only engages readers, but also improves search engine rankings. In the process, you'll learn to identify relevant topics, write compelling copy, and incorporate SEO practices to increase visibility in search results.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) courses

Learn more about the world of search engine marketing by attending our SEA training courses. Here you will learn to create effective ad campaigns on search engines like Google, identify relevant keywords and use budgets efficiently. Increase targeted visibility in search results and increase the chances for more clicks and conversions.

Social Media: Paid Social training course

In our training courses on paid social, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the effective use of paid advertising measures in social media. Your team will learn how to create targeted advertising campaigns, address target groups and use budgets optimally. This is how to realize reach increases and improved conversion rates.

Much more: tracking, SEO, onboarding, recruiting

These are just a few examples from our training offer. In addition, we are happy to provide you with indispensable knowledge and in-depth expertise in the areas of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), tracking and other fields of digital marketing. And that's not all: If your company still lacks the right employees for online marketing tasks, we will also be happy to support you in recruiting and onboarding the new employees.

Various formats: Courses, workshops and more

As diverse as our course offering is in terms of topics, we are also flexible when it comes to the format of the training. Depending on the area, the previous knowledge of the participants or even your individual wishes and ideas, we will find the right format for your training: from courses to workshops to master classes - our experienced specialists will take you and your team further!

Practical and efficient: Marketing training with projx

At projx, we do not train your team theoretically or via abstract examples, but directly on the concrete case and company account. In this way, participants gain the important knowledge for working in digital marketing on the job and with a high degree of practical relevance. Following the courses and workshops, your employees can then independently apply the newly gained know-how in practice and use it for the further development of your company.

Training in Munich on site or remotely

The experts at projx are your contacts for digital marketing training in Munich. The trainings can take place on-site or remotely. We will be happy to create a training program tailored to your needs and the requirements of your business field. Contact us today and advance your business with additional digital marketing expertise!

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about training in online marketing

What do I learn in the online marketing training courses?

The projx Academy training courses provide you and your team with indispensable insights into various areas of online marketing. SEO, SEA, content creation or tracking and much more like paid social: our experts will make your company fit for conversions and increased sales.

How do the courses and workshops work?

At projx, we focus on a high level of practical relevance. Our experts train your team directly on concrete cases and in your company account. This way, your employees learn the important knowledge on the job and can use it independently after the training. We always take your needs into account and choose the most suitable format.

My company is located outside of Bavaria. Can I still participate in the continuing education offerings in Munich?

Of course you can! The workshops are open to companies from all over Germany. We impart knowledge on digital marketing topics remotely via online courses and digital workshops.
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