An individual roadmap leads to measurable success.

Therefore, we develop an individualized strategy together with you and your company that leads to sustainable and measurable growth.

We involve you in all processes, because we firmly believe that strategies should not only work in theory, but must above all be implementable.

Our steps to success

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  • Get to know each other
    You have a concrete need for action and contact projx.

  • Gaining knowledge

    We identify your problems, challenges and valuable existing assets that are worth building on.

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  • Focus on your goals

    We formulate your goals together and define measurable success criteria according to which we work together.

  • Recommend action
    We create a plan of action and submit proposals for the ideal implementation of your project, taking all previous steps into account.

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  • Realisation

    Together we create your individual plan for the optimal implementation of the strategy.

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Tracking & Reporting
  • Analytics

    We help you to create and set up a suitable tracking system to make your success measurable and thus visible.

  • Dashboards

    We prepare the previously defined KPIs in order to be able to put a clear focus on the goals you have set.