18 months

We needed to achieve coverage of relevant generic healthcare topics.

6 months

For covering relevant topics related to Covid-19.

90 x

Traffic increase with a domain age of only 1 year.

SEO growth strategy for healthcare

Positioning in a complex and competitive environment.

Within 6 months, we supported the concept and development of a brand new platform - data4life. The goal was to cover all keywords that were rapidly gaining relevance in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Search terms such as "corona test", "corona numbers" and "corona symptoms" were among the most highly contested topics worldwide within a very short time.
Nevertheless, with intensive research and constant content optimization, we managed to position data4life in the top 3 of Google search results within a short period of time.


Extremely strong competition. Market environment dominated by private and state-owned platforms, with good rankings and deep user trust


Strategy for organic rankings: 

Populate niche topics, 

Extremely good user signals 

Growth of the site

Internal SEO team building and academy 

Briefing & content creation together with internal D4L team


Within one year: dominance in many relevant topics around Corona. And this with a domain that is only one year old. 90-fold increase in traffic.

Management Consultant for Marketing/Growth & Digital Transformation

Dorothee Seedorf

"The cooperation with projx was absolutely professional. A very high level of ambition, of the visibility set, was challenged in detail in all process steps and underpinned with valuable tips and further developments. Only through the close cooperation in technical SEO, as well as the content preparation, this visibility could be achieved in an extremely competitive and established environment. "


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