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Sales & in-store visits for luxury brand

Successful restructuring for sustainable growth

Within 8 months, Occhio's sales and in-store visits increased significantly.
By strategically splitting the accounts into e-commerce and stores, we were able to take local SEA to a new level with location-specific campaigns on the one hand and sales to a new level with strong brand search campaigns, video and shopping campaigns on the other. The additional optimization of ads and the expansion of campaigns have created the basis for sustainable growth.
In addition to Germany, ads are also placed in Switzerland and Austria.

8 months

for a significant increase in store visits & sales


Increase in store visits


Sales increase 

SEA Wachstums-Strategie für Luxusmarke

Diagramm Occhio Roadmap

Strategy and control of campaigns in Google Ads.


  • Account restructuring

  • Smart campaigns with local targeting

  • Continuous optimization and testing

  • Bi-Weekly reporting and derivation of recommendations for action

Within 8 months, an optimized concept, testing of different campaign and bidding strategies created a basis that will enable us to achieve more sales and store visits in the future.