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Increase visibility in the Google search network

HNOmedic beauftragte uns mit der Challenge, mit Hilfe regionaler Taktiken für erhöhte Sichtbarkeit und einen Anstieg der Online-Terminbuchungen zu sorgen. 

Mit Hilfe ausgefeilter Optimierungs-Maßnahmen gelang es uns, hocheffiziente Kampagnen lokal an den jeweiligen Praxis-Standorten auszuspielen. In München, Starnberg, Frankfurt am Main und Stuttgart stiegen Impressions, Klicks und Online-Terminbuchungen in der Folge signifikant an, was es uns ermöglichte, die Erwartungen noch zu übertreffen.


Customized Google Ads Setup

Increase visibility in the Google search network

HNOmedic commissioned us with the challenge of using regional tactics to ensure increased visibility and a rise in online appointment bookings. 
With the help of sophisticated optimization measures, we succeeded in playing out highly efficient campaigns locally at the respective practice locations. In Munich, Starnberg, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart, impressions, clicks and online appointment bookings increased significantly as a result, enabling us to exceed expectations.

Digital Marketing Strategy

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Very local targeting of campaigns 

Build hyper local search and display campaigns for 3 practice locations in Germany down to district level.
- Build a campaign structure that enables demand-driven budget allocation within a location
- Use of smart bidding and continuous optimization

Continuous increase in online appointment bookings at the Munich/Starnberg, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart locations.

Managing Director & Specialist for ENT

Dr. med. Marc Unkelbach

"The collaboration with the projx team is always characterized by expertise, openness and fun at work.
Through the competent support, we have developed a precise roadmap for expanding our digital visibility.
Our expectation of significantly increasing online appointment bookings for our practices through projx's expertise was more than exceeded."

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