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Insurance products and keywords have always been highly competitive and sometimes very costly.
A sustainable build-up of organic visibility and traffic generation is therefore literally worth its weight in gold. And that was exactly our mission.
Through a targeted link building strategy, we were able to secure significant ranking increases for more than ten insurance products. And this over a very long period of time.

Top 3

Ranking for highly competitive insurance keywords.

8 years

Consistently in the top 3

SEO Strategy & Link Building

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Rankings for many insurance topics were not yet in the top 3 positions.


  • Strategy to increase Google's trust in the site / brand

  • Coordination link building 

  • Build content clusters as link targets for different target groups

  • Build content for the top contested insurance products

  • Building infographics & checklists


Rankings for topics like "supplementary dental insurance", "supplementary long-term care insurance" and many others held for more than 8 years.


Sascha Arndt
Head of SEO

"We have been getting advice from SEO expert Ivan Zagorchev and his projx team for many years now. On the one hand, they have developed exciting ideas for our Organic Search and implemented them perfectly. On the other hand, the team always takes into account the latest Google updates and thus ensures us a good competitive position, among other things. All in all, projx makes search engine optimization a very special success story for us!"

Sascha- Arndt


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